Country girl Jana Kramer released her video for 'Whiskey,' her second single, recently, and it's so charming that country fans can't get seem to get enough.

The song details Kramer's complicated feelings for a man who keeps burning her and leaving her wanting more -- just like a shot of whiskey. Get it? But the video is anything but complicated. In the clip, Kramer is seen strolling on a farm, wearing a simple tank top and jeans. Her dogs are running at her feet as she sings her heart out, and at a few points in the song, she rides away on a horse.

Make no mistake about it: Just like Kramer's southern drawl, this is one country music video.

'Whiskey' is the follow-up to Kramer's debut single, 'Why Ya Wanna,' which reached No. 3 on the country charts. 'Why Ya Wanna' is not only Kramer’s fastest-rising single, it's also the fastest-rising single of any debut artist in all of 2012 so far. The tune has also ranked as the highest-charting female debut since Taylor Swift‘’s 2006 single, ‘“Tim McGraw.”’

With chart performances and videos like that, Kramer is going to be winning awards in no time!

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