Jana Kramer says she's trying to be kind as her divorce from Mike Caussin proceeds. He's not.

During a new episode of her Whine Down podcast, Kramer describers her husband of six years as having "so much resentment," and she can't quite figure out why. "I'm like, 'Wait a minute, you're the one who hurt me," she says (per People). "How are you being mean to me? This doesn't add up to me.'"

Businesswoman and Real Housewives of New York City star Dorinda Medley is Kramer's guest on the episode. She has also gone through a divorce and empathizes with the country singer, who is ending her third marriage. Kramer and Caussin married in 2015 but separated in 2016, when he was found to be cheating on her. Therapy and treatment for his sex addiction followed, and the pair reunited and renewed their vows in late 2017. Together, they have two children.

Kramer tells Medley that she's struggling to understand his attitude amid everything he has done to her. Their marriage is believed to have ended due to his infidelity once again, something she said they worked very hard to get past the first time.

"There's a million mean things I can say ... but I'm choosing to be kind and walking through this," Kramer says.

The couple's separation and divorce (said to be final later this month) is a frequent topic on a podcast that was once co-hosted by Caussin. She's gone through a range of emotions, admitting to her own feelings of resentment in the weeks following her filing.

"I fear I'm going to resent him for the rest of my life for breaking up my family, and that seems so heavy to carry," she said in May.

Since then she's been seen spending quality time with podcast host Graham Bunn. The singer and actor says the two are in an "entanglement."

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