UNDATED (WJON News) -- Two companies have been fined for violations at gas stations across Minnesota, including six in the St. Cloud area.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has issued a fine of more than $107,000 to Molo-Twin LLC, a part of Molo Oil Company based in Iowa, and Twin City Petroleum and Properties LLC based in Florida.

According to the MPCA, the two companies violated multiple petroleum tank regulations in 2021 at nine of their locations. Those violations include not installing overfill protection and an emergency shutoff, lack of Class A and B operators and improperly trained Class C operators, not doing monthly or yearly facility inspections, failure to do line and tank leak testing and inspections, and lack of clear safety and monitoring equipment.

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The six local gas stations are Molo-Twin Highway 10, Molo-Twin 33rd Avenue, Molo-Twin 9th Avenue, and Molo-Twin Germain Street in St. Cloud, and Molo-Twin Gateway Tire & Auto, and Molo-Twin 3rd Street in Waite Park.

The MPCA says in addition to the fine, the companies are required to correct the violations and comply with the regulations in the future.

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