If you live in or near the Twin Ports and ride a motorcycle, or even enjoy being a passenger on one, at about the start of march you're probably jonesing for a ride.

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With the snowfall over the last day or so, it might seem like being on two wheels safely is a long way off, and it may or may not be.  March at this point is pretty much out, but what about April?

My prediction at this point is we're going to realistically be into mid-May for hopping back on the bikes.  Of course, some are going to hop on earlier than that to rip around a bit, but I'm talking about actual decent riding weather with mostly clear roads.

As I sit here writing this with snow blowing like crazy and several foot drifts outside my garage door, it's not the March I was hoping for.  Still, there are motorcycle related events to check out even when we can't ride.

Motorhead Madness while more focused on cars and trucks, usually has several motorcycles to drool over, and that is right around the corner in Duluth.  Another event that you probably won't see motorcycles at but is all about having fun and protecting motorcyclist's rights is the Annual ABATE Bunwarmer.

While a little drive from the Twin Ports, just down in St. Paul is the Donnie Smith Bike Show, happening March 25th-26th.  That one will get you all of the motorcycle season vibes and showcases a lot of custom and unique motorcycles as well as vendors.

I hope I'm right on my mid-May prediction but even if it's a little longer, it will be worth the wait.  The way the weather is tracking for the next thirty or so days, it's probably going to be later rather than sooner in the Duluth and Superior area.

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