In the Twin Ports area, just like in many other parts of the country, there have been too many cases of overdoses, and unfortunately some end up being fatal.

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Many are familiar with Naloxone, or Narcan which is an opioid reversal drug, and it can and does save lives.

Just having Narcan around when someone is experiencing an overdose isn't always enough, people need to be trained in administering it.  While the training to administer the live saving drug isn't difficult, finding a place to get trained might be a struggle for some.

Generally if you take a first aid class like one from the American Heart Association or the Red Cross, Narcan will be talked about and have it's use demonstrated.  But, not everyone takes those classes.

With how many opioid overdoses there have been in Duluth in 2023 so far, and how many were fatal, the Duluth Police Department issued a statement on Facebook about Narcan training.

What really stands out to me is that of the 74 times the Duluth Police administered Narcan, 71 were saved from fatally overdosing.  So that right there shows how effective it can be in saving lives.

Two places you can reach out to for training in the Duluth area include the Rural AIDS Action Network and Harm Reduction Sisters.

If you aren't trained in administering Narcan, consider these resources to get dialed in.  Having that knowledge and ability might be enough to save the life of a stranger or even a loved one at some point.

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