For one of my other gigs I instruct safety classes, yeah, a guy named Joe Danger teaches safety.  But, maybe it's because I've learned from my past mistakes that come with my name.

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I also have a Class A Commercial Drivers License and one topic that comes up in classes often is other drivers on the road.

The rammy, in too much of a hurry, cutting people off, texting and driving type environment on the road seems to be getting worse and worse.  I know it's construction season in Duluth and Superior, but it seems like in the last few years people care less and less about others on the and drive incredibly selfishly.

The Duluth Police Department have noticed it too.  In particular, they are focusing on Duluth's Park Point, or at least the roads around the area.

Park Point is always exceptionally busy in the summer months because of the beach areas and access to Lake Superior.  Auto traffic not taking their time can lead to accidents or even fatalities especially with the pedestrians moving around.

I get people being frustrated to a point, especially if you get bridged with a lot of traffic, but as the post from the Duluth Police Department states, the illegal passing and even drag racing in that area is not a good idea.

It's a good reminder to slow down and take your time and remember that all of us have somewhere to go.  Let's work together to get there without any injuring ourselves or others.

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