Anticipation among fans of Pedro's Grill and Cantina continues to grow as owners of the Cloquet business get ready to open their second location in the Northland.

As we learned last summer, the family-owned Mexican restaurant planned to expand to the immediate Twin Ports area after acquiring the old Epic Restaurant location near Walmart on Tower Avenue in Superior.

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Google Maps

Just a couple of days ago, owners shared a sneak peek of the new restaurant, continuing to build the hype ahead of what appeared to be an imminent opening for the new restaurant location. As it turns out, that wait is almost over!

The restaurant shared an update on Wednesday night, declaring "The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here!" in reference to the opening of their Superior location.

Pedro's Grill and Cantina - Superior, WI on Facebook
Pedro's Grill and Cantina - Superior, WI on Facebook

The update, written like an invitation, explained that they will be holding their grand opening on Monday, January 15 with the doors opening in time for lunch - at 11 am. Their social media post goes on to say "Bring your friends, bring your family, and let's make this grand opening a feast to remember!"

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For fans who are familiar with their Cloquet location, the new location in Superior (located at 3223 Tower Avenue) will feature the same menu and beverages as what is available in Cloquet.

For anyone who's been to their Cloquet restaurant, that is fantastic news! Their website boasts that their menu features authentic dishes that use high-quality ingredients and have great margaritas and other beverages.

You can take a look at their lunch menu and full menu here.

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