Mother's Day is just a couple of weeks away. Do you have a gift idea in mind for your mom? I was recently served up a social media ad for a Mother's Day gift idea that the company seems super proud of, but I feel like it isn't such a good idea. At least not for all moms.

Before I get to the specific Mother's Day idea, I do want to say that I like what this company offers - for most scenarios. Maybe just not for a Mother's Day gift.

The company behind this gift idea is Sendacake, which specializes in sending gift boxes for special occasions. These gifts include cake or other treats and decorations all packaged together in a neat little box.

A bunch of these ideas are really neat! They offer gift boxes for birthdays, weddings, kids parties, and other special occasions. A common theme for most of their gift boxes is that they offer a "surprise".

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What is that surprise? These boxes "explode" with decorations.

One example - They have a Harry Potter "Hogwarts Explosion Box" that includes a chocolate cake decorated with colorful sprinkles, spinning music stand for the cake, and fluttering symbols that will pop out of the box at the recipient.

You can page through the images in their Instagram post for this item to see what all of that looks like. It's a neat idea!

They have another one called their "Billionaire Box", which "makes it rain" fake money and includes some treats. They also offer instructions on how you could make the box shoot real money, if you want to do so. The box will even play some money-themed music! Again, neat idea!

They even offer a seasonal one for Halloween, with fake spiders and bats popping out, before you can get to the treats inside. This is perfect!

Where things get a little weird for me is their Mother's Day idea. I am the furthest thing from a mother, but I did survey some moms I know to ask how they'd feel about the idea of being startled by a gift for Mother's Day. The general consensus was not one of overwhelming enthusiasm. Some liked the idea better than others, but the overall idea of jump-scare didn't seem very appealing to the moms I talked to.

That isn't to say there isn't a market for these. You know your mom better than anyone. If you feel like she'd appreciate getting a little startled before realizing there were some cool items inside of her gift box, this company does have some neat offerings!

The company offers four different Mother's Day gift boxes, all of which explode with fake butterflies and fake flower petals, revealing some delicious-looking treats. One of them offers a red velvet sparkling cake, another reveals a strawberry shortcake with an edible candy bow, while yet another includes six cake donuts, each in a different flavor.

The premise all sounds great to me. I know my mom loves butterflies, so that even checks a box. I just can't get past the idea of startling my mom as she opens her gift, as seen in a promotional video from the company.

As I mentioned before, not all moms are alike. Maybe your mom would appreciate a little adrenaline boost as part of her Mother's Day gift. I just feel like it isn't a great fit for my mom.

I mean, did you see some of those moms? They eventually laughed or seemed happy. But, look at this brief moment of outright fear from some of them! Some moms would appreciate that, though, I'm sure!

Sendacake on Facebook
Sendacake on Facebook

If you feel like your mom would be a good fit for one of these, Sendacake's Mother's Day gift boxes range from $59.99 to $69.99, and can be delivered anywhere in the continental U.S. They say they don't yet offer delivery to Alaska, Hawaii, or internationally.

Even then, this is a cool, innovative idea for gift boxes! I can definitely think of some people I'd definitely consider getting one of these for.

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