Well, it's here, our old friend snow made its first appearance of the season in Northern Minnesota, see for yourself.

Temperatures in Northern Minnesota got as low as 26°F in Celina, MN, which is about 20 miles west of Cook, Hibbing hit a low of 30°F, and the National Weather Service office in Duluth had a reading of 34°F. These temperatures were surely cold enough to produce snow, and there were confirmed reports of the white stuff falling from the sky according to the NWS.

Snow fell this morning along the Gunflint Trail in Cook County according to a report that was confirmed by the National Weather Service in Duluth, snow also fell in Ely, and we got video proof of this snow courtesy of the Ely Police Department.

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Bus Windows with Snow

The snow that fell was light and not enough to accumulate on the ground, but it won't be long now until it does start piling up on the ground. In fact, according to the Old Farmers Alamanac, we could see snow in the Twin Ports as soon as next week, consider the source though.

According to a more reliable source, Weather.gov, the average first measurable snowfall for Duluth is October 23rd, so we have a few weeks yet. The earliest measurable snowfall happened on September 18th, 1991, and the latest wasn't until November 26th, and that happened in 2004.

Temperatures are expected to go up by the end of the week, but it will remain cold with chances for frost in the coming days, so conditions will remain good for the potential for some light snow in areas across the Northland.

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