The DECC in Duluth has sure seen its share of changes over the past years but the pandemic sure threw them and many other businesses into uncharted territory. Thankfully business is coming back to more normalcy with the return of lots of events and concerts.

With two arenas plus Symphony Hall, it requires a lot of manpower in order to serve the needs of guests for events namely in the concession area and they have come up with some pretty ingenious methods to try and fill these spots.

Lucie Amundsen from the DECC said that they are very proud to have been chosen to host the NCAA Division I Women’s Frozen Four Hockey tournament next weekend with thousands of fans from all over the country coming to the DECC to watch the game. We all know that Duluth in general is a major hockey hub both for players and fans and with such a fantastic facility like the DECC it makes sense out of all the arenas in the country they would be chosen to host the event.

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So, the DECC is now offering a rather unique opportunity for any organizations out there who would like to earn some extra money for their group. If you or someone from your group is willing to volunteer in one of the many concession areas at the DECC your organization will be given money for your time and effort.

No experience is necessary as you will be side by side with seasoned DECC workers and you can have a lot of fun not only at the upcoming Hockey tournament but in all the future events at the DECC as well. Stay tuned for many more concerts and events to be announced in the future. If you are interested in having your group participate go to and fill out a form to get started.

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