Late last year, Toys"R"Us began its comeback with a new location opening at the Mall of America, now its sister brand, Babies"R"Us is looking for redemption.

The Babies"R"Us brand is owned by WHP Global, they also own Toys"R"Us, Express, Anne Klein, among others, is teaming up with Wisconsin-based Kohl's to roll out the brand to about 200 stores across the country, including locations in Minnesota.

When Will The New Babies"R"Us Shop Open?

Kohl's will start opening the first Babies"R"Us stores within Kohl's locations starting in August and wrapping up by the fall, the new shops within Kohl's will range in size from 750 to 2,500 square-feet and feature a wide range of baby gear/supplies, bath, furniture, feeding, and safety products from many of the top brands.

Toys-R-US To Close Over 150 Stores Nationwide
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Kohl's will also offer the Babies"R"Us gift registry in stores as well, making it very useful for growing families to select what they want/need, and helpful for those looking to buy gifts for showers or the celebration of the birth.

Kohl's Reports 4th Quarter Earnings
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Where in Minnesota Will Babies"R"Us Reopen?

According to, Babies"R"Us will open full-size shops inside the Maple Grove and Coon Rapids Kohl's stores, and the Duluth and the Mankato Kohl's locations will get "minishops".

The partnership with Babies"R"Us is very similar to the partnership Kohl's has had with the Sephora brand since 2021, there are now Sephora ships in hundreds of Kohl's stores across the country.

Toys R Us Files For Liquidation, Will Shutter All U.S. Stores
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When Did Babies"R"Us Close?

Babies"R"Us had a handful of locations in Minnesota before the collapse of their parent company Toys"R"Us, which forced the closure of all their stores in 2018 after more than 70 years in business.

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