I've seen some surf videos on Lake Superior over the years, but I have to say this one was the most impressive I've seen. There were some awesome waves caught and some legitimate surfing seen in a recent video that was posted to social media.

You can actually see in the YouTube Short video that surfer Ben actually gets in a barrel on Lake Superior on the North Shore of Minnesota.

A barrel is when the waves come over the top and the surfer can ride in the tunnel of the crashing wave. It's pretty cool to see. To top it off, it happened in 6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ben Gravyy YouTube
Ben Gravyy YouTube

Video titled 'Minnesota - 6 Fully Nuking'

Ben puts on two dry suits to try an keep warm. He pulls it off and heads out to the lake for some epic shredding of Lake Superior waves. Some were higher than 10 feet in the video. That's pretty respectable.

Ben Gravyy YouTube
Ben Gravyy YouTube

Comments from surfers around the world are the best.

A bunch of people commented on the video, asking if this was seriously in Minnesota. Unfortunately, a lot of people think of Minnesota like the movie Fargo and don't realize that we have the largest freshwater lake in the entire world.

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'Best Lake Wave I've Ever Seen'

These waves were better than normal on Lake Superior, some called it the best lake wave they've ever seen. Another person commented that those are legitimate 'Hawaii-Sized waves.'

The YouTuber Ben says in the video he was just as excited about this surfing as he was anywhere in the world.

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