Nobody can blame you if you're trying to enjoy the Christmas spirit as long as possible, but if you want to take advantage of the free WLSSD Treecyling program, you need to get that tree down and out this month.

This year’s Treecycling program is offering a variety of convenient tree recycling sites-all open for extended periods of time. The extended timeline and additional locations will help area residents to properly dispose of their fresh-cut holiday trees during times most convenient to them.

Six sites are open for tree drop off through January 10th:

  • Chester Bowl (parking lot by playground)
  • Lester Park (parking lot by playground)
  • Duluth Heights Community Club (parking lot across the street)
  • Woodland Community Club (lower parking lot off Woodland Ave)
  • Rose Garden (parking lot)
  • City of Duluth West Toolhouse (on Commonwealth Avenue)

Two sites in Carlton County are open through January 12th:

  • SAPPI Fine Paper (Cloquet)
  • Moose Lake Compost Site

Four additional sites are open through January 31st:

  • Demo-licious (in western Duluth)
  • VEIT/VONCO V Landfill (in the Gary neighborhood)
  • WLSSD Yard Waste Compost Site (off 27th Avenue West)
  • WLSSD Materials Recovery Center (off Rice Lake Road)