Call me crazy but I think I discovered something recently and now I can't get it out of my head. Hear me out here. It has to do with phone habits in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Sometimes both states get made fun of. For Minnesotans, they often get poked fun at for the way they talk and the way they live. This was super evident when the Super Bowl happened here back in the day and news outlets ran wild with chances to poke fun at us with things like Tater Tot Hotdish and the way we speak. Ha!

Wisconsin also gets a bad reputation at times. They are made fun of for different things than Minnesotans. For example, the state was recently named one of the grossest states in the entire country. I think that's a little unfair!

Despite the fact that Minnesotans and Wisconsin residents get poked fun of often, we can't deny that we do have our quirks that make us who we are! There is one quirk in-particular I noticed recently and it got me thinking.

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This may or may not be a midwest thing but has anyone else noticed the way that Minnesotans and Wisconsinites say goodbye on the phone? Once you notice it, you won't be able to un-notice it.

People from both states say "mmmmmmmmm" prior to saying goodbye on the phone. There is really no reason for it but it always prefaces the actual goodbye. What does it mean? Why do we do this?

Rather than just say goodbye or 'have a nice day' or something of that nature when ending a phone call, I've noticed most people tend to hum it out instead before saying bye and hanging up. This may seem like a little thing and at the end of the day, it isn't like this is going to change a thing but once you notice it, there is no going back.

Listen for this next time you talk to someone from Minnesota or Wisconsin! Is this something we do in our two states or is this something that people do all over the country?  I really am curious to know.

I want answers. It is sort of like the Minnesota Goodbye. Although whether or not we do that one is not up for debate - we do. Ha! This may be another facet of the Minnesota goodbye, at least when it comes to talking on the phone.

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