Do you remember a few years ago, when the City of Superior hired a guy to create an "ice wall" to encourage tourism? It's a little bit of a touchy subject for some. Many were unhappy that the Ice Project cost the city $30,000.

The money for that project came from a special tourism fun. They had hoped that it would be an attraction that would bring an economic boom to the city. It correlated with the Lake Superior Ice Festival, which just so happens to be coming up soon.

Unfortunately, the world record at an ice wall came crashing down, ending up in a pile. It actually received national coverage from The New York Times. The project leader, Roger Hanson was able to get somewhat of a tower put together for the festival, but it wasn't a world record.

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I had a friend drive by a place in Superior and called me saying he's seen the next ice tower! He's noticed this in front of a house in Superior the last few days, and he says it has been getting bigger. As you can see, it's a pretty good size.

Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes

I would guess that it's probably 7 or 8 feet tall. It looks like it may have been a centerpiece for a resident's Christmas decorations. It's hard to tell with deep snowbanks covering it.

I think it's cool that someone is trying it, but I would be careful that it doesn't collapse and come crashing into that window. Yikes.

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