Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, Minnesota has been named the luckiest state in America.

You probably have a lot of questions about this so let me explain. The website Zippia.com released a study on Wednesday (March 3rd), naming the most and least lucky state in the country - and all of the states in between.

The study says that Minnesota is the luckiest state for a handful of reasons. To get to the conclusion of this study, they looked at factors like lottery winners, median income, low unemployment, weather fatalities, among a few others.

At first this seemed really random but the more I look into it, it actually makes sense. According to Zippia, Minnesota has had twenty-two big lottery winners. On top of that, Minnesotans have a high life expectancy of eighty-one years old. The study also says that we have good job opportunities and a slim chance of extreme weather, like a hurricane.

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Wisconsin made the top twenty, coming in at number nineteen on the list. While they have had eighteen big lottery winners and a good life expectancy, they just weren't as lucky as Minnesota when you look at all the factors!

As for the least lucky state, that would be Mississippi, with Alabama and Oklahoma rounding out the bottom three. Yikes.

Maybe our luck comes from good karma? After all, Minnesotans are known for being very nice! We are so nice in fact that we even toss out our garbage as to not offend someone. It looks like we have more reason to celebrate come St. Patrick's Day.

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