The people have spoken and apparently, Minnesota's worst tourist attraction is the Mall of America.

A map showing every state's worst tourist attraction has gone viral, causing everyone who has seen it to either agree or be offended by the different answers. It was posted on Instagram by user Matt Shirley. According to his post, he gathered the survey results by putting a poll on the social media platform and then made a map of the results. He also advises users not to place the blame on him if they don't agree. Ha!

I have to say, I don't agree with this finding at all! I happen to love Mall of America. It has every single store you could ever dream of and then some. There are a million places to eat, shop and poke around in if you're bored. Not to mention, the mall has a huge amusement park in the middle. Where else are you going to find that?! It is also frequented by celebrities, whether they are playing tourist or there for a special appearance. Shopping there is usually your best bet at spotting a celebrity in the wild in Minnesota. (Don't believe me? In summer of 2019, Pretty Little Liars actress Ashley Benson documented her hangout at the popular attraction to her millions of social media followers.)

I understand that a lot of Minnesotans avoid the Mall of America because it is usually filled to the brim with tourists. It is also huge, often crowded and takes forever to find a parking spot. I think all of these things make shopping there an experience and if you think of it as one, you will see the whole attraction in a different light. Ha!

Wisconsin Dells was rated the worst tourist attraction in Wisconsin. Hollywood and Disney also made the cut, along with the Grand Canyon, the Potato Museum and Times Square. To each their own!

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