It's the debate that happens EVERY holiday season - is Die Hard a Christmas movie or not?

Truth be told, I have never seen the flick before this week so I could never weigh in. Ken assigned me the film for our weekly Breakfast Club segment called Fresh Take Thursday. Every other week, we take turns making the other watch a movie they consider a classic. This week it was Die Hard for me.

First things first - what do I think of the film? The whole purpose of this segment is to break the other out of their comfort zone, so I can say that it isn't something I would usually watch.

Second of all - is the classic a Christmas film? The film's studios says YES and even went as far as cutting a new trailer for the movie claiming it is the best Christmas story ever told. So what do I think?!

Watch my review of the film and hear my thoughts on the big debate, as discussed on the show Thursday morning, below:

Until next time!

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