This week on Ken's Conspiracy Corner we are talking about the International Space Station's live feed camera that is regulated by NASA. Last week there was an object spotted by multiple people on the live feed that seemed to be moving on it's own trajectory and passed by the ISS. It happened as the space station was passing over South America.

YouTube channel Thirdphaseofthemoon shared the video and it has since had over 100,000 views. You can take a look at it and see what you can make of it.

Could it just be space junk? Is it a small meteorite? Or is it really something that is moving on it's own. It's hard to say what a UFO might actually look like, so who knows? Whatever it is, the live feed did end. Was that intentionally done by NASA, or was it a technical issue. There's a lot of questions, and this isn't the first time people have accused NASA of cutting the live feed when an object was spotted.

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This, along with the Pentagon admitting that UFO's exist have made this an even weirder week.

Keep looking at the stars, odds are you'll see something unidentifiable at some point.


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