There's a lot of people who are rolling their eyes over the 'Tiger King' obsession that is going on across the country. If you have been so deep in your pandemic bunker that you don't know what Tiger King is, let me enlighten you. It's a crazy documentary about crazy people who own tigers and lions and other exotic animals. If you judge a book by it's cover, then this looks pretty stupid. That was my first impression of it too.

But then I watched the first episode. I was intrigued, but not obsessed. Then I watched the second episode, and I couldn't stop watching the remaining. It's insane. So this is my warning to people who are bashing it without even trying it, you're missing out!

I've seen this shared a lot, with people also saying how dumb the show looks, and taking pride in not seeing it. There was a time long ago where I would share the same thing about The Game of Thrones. I took pride in being the person who would go against the norm. Then guess what happened? I got free HBO and was hooked on Game of Thrones just like everybody else.

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I don't know why I'm taking the time to tell people to give it a chance. I have no financial gain, and it doesn't bother me that you aren't watching it. But in all fairness you should at least give it a shot. Now's the perfect time to branch out from your comfort zone and learn about two dueling tiger zoos each accusing each other of murder or attempted murder. Plus, you'll get all the meme jokes, which are a lovely bonus.

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