It was my husband’s birthday last week and I snuck out of work for an hour to take him to lunch. He wanted the buffet at Sammy’s Pizza (and secretly, so did I)! I have never had someone pay for my meal without my knowledge or without knowing who they were and now I’m looking to find a man to say thank you and that’s where you come in.

I’m hoping he may have told someone he did it and they read this blog. I truly just want to say “thank you” for such an amazingly nice surprise. We sat in the back by the buffet (less space to travel for seconds, thirds, etc) next to a man with two small boys. During our meal one of Homie’s (what I lovingly call my husband) friends came in for lunch and said hi. We told him we were celebrating Homie’s birthday, maybe that’s when the man that paid for our meal heard that. While the man was up at the buffet I played peek-a-boo with one of the boys he was with but really never made eye contact with the man.

They left first. Homie and I finished our meal and after receiving the bill headed to the front to pay. The hostess said, “oh, your meals been taken care of”. I asked “by who, we don’t even know anyone in here”. Although, I thought perhaps Homie’s friend had snuck up front to pay. The hostess smiled coyly and said, “he mentioned something about the fact that the guy he was paying for use to be his math teacher.” I asked if it was the gentleman with the two boys and she confirmed that it was.

We walked out of Sammy’s like we were a Walking Dead cast member, in a daze and shocked that someone would have spent almost $25 on us and not expect a thank you. We tried looking around to see if he may still be in the parking lot so we could say thank you, but he was gone. I am so appreciative for such a selfless act and really want to thank him for making our whole day!

Although I paid for someone’s beer that evening I decided it wasn’t the same as “paying it forward”. So, I’m waiting for the right time and plan on making someone else’s day soon. It truly does give you an amazing feeling when someone surprises you in that fashion. I know I’m looking for a needle in a haystack, but if you can help me find the man that paid for us, that would be grand!

Now that you know the story, does anyone know of who it was? Did he mention that he did a random act of kindness to someone that listens to the Breakfast Club or is one of my Facebook friends?

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