I've really never been one to have a bucket list.  I consider myself lucky to have been able to participate in so many crazy, wild, fun and amazing things due to my job.  But, if I did have an actual bucket list I don't think I'd have death defying activities on it anyhow.  Instead it would list things I've always wanted to do and hope that I get time to get around to it.  That happened during my last vacation.

I've been asked if I want to ride a bull or parachute from a perfectly good plane, both of which I've declined.  However, I have had the opportunity to stand in Alan Jackson's bus, repel from the Sellwood Building in downtown Duluth, ride the Aerial Lift Bridge and met countless artists.  Very blessed if you ask me!

But, I have always wanted to ride bicycle around Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis.  I have no idea where I even heard of it, from friends, in a movie, in a book I read?  I didn't think I'd ever throw my bike in a vehicle and drive there, just to ride around it.  However, the opportunity came up while we were friends, so we did it.

It was a very hot day, I felt sorry for the runners on the other paved path nearest the lake.  It's only a little over 3 miles around the lake so we rode it 3 times with a stop for lunch in another of a firsts.  We didn't want to eat at the Tin Fish which is the restaurant on Lake Calhoun so we locked up the bikes and walked towards an area called Uptown.  There we found a quaint Italian restaurant with rooftop dining.  We had a very nice lunch under an umbrella with really expensive drinks.  But, we were on vacation, right?

If you have always wanted to visit Lake Calhoun and riding a bike or running isn't your thing, consider walking around the lake.  Or, they offer the rental of a host of water activities, like canoeing, paddle board and kayaking.  It was a very enjoyable day and I am looking forward to my next "bucket list" adventure!

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