Here I am, on my soap box again.  The last time I was in disbelief that someone could be so cruel and disrespectful was when the then new downtown Duluth Transit Center was ransacked by an 18 year old  causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.  I'll ask again, what makes someone think it's ok to ruin something that doesn't belong to them?

Because the memorial wall is made of granite it allowed the vandals to scratch the surface with a sharp object.  The wall itself is protected from the spray of Lake Superior on windy days by the half dome.  I'm sure it's an amazing sight to see from a boat or ship on the lake.  Many locals and tourists visit the memorial while strolling along the Lakewalk, some to reflect, some to meditate and some because they have a friend or relatives name on the wall.  A lot of thought, compassion, heart and soul went into this memorial and I hope the person or persons that defaced it are caught.  This kind of stuff makes me so angry!  It is simply not right that they get away with such a senseless crime.  If you know who did this or have any information that may help find the culprits, please let the proper authorities know.

The City is dedicated to restoring the memorial to it's original state, but there is time and money spent doing this and it absolutely could have been avoided.

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