Tragedy struck the other day as a 5 year old boy shot his sister with his youth .22 rifle he got as a gift from his parents.  Long story short, his mother left the kids unattended for 3 minutes, and the 5 year old grabbed the .22 that still had a shell in it and fatally wounded his sister.  How terrible.  Right off the bat, multiple gun safety rules were broken, and this could have easily been avoided.  Nevertheless, it's a terrible tragedy and I can't imagine the pain that family is going through.  

Now the question that comes up is how young is too young for kids to have their own gun, or handle guns?  I think 5 is too young.  To either shoot a gun, hold a real gun, or even be at the firing range.

I remember the first time shooting my .22 rifle was when I was 8 years old.  Times were much different back then.  I was handed a box of .22 shells and a stack of empty beer cans and I went out back in the field and started plinking away.  I was taught to be careful with guns, but I hadn't been through the proper firearms training.  I was more responsible as an eight year old than many adults are today.  For exmple, that family should have locked up that gun when they weren't using it, and definitely not have it loaded.

So at what age do you think it's ok to let your kids handle firearms?



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