Blake Shelton is coming to Xcel Energy Center with his Back To The Honkey Tonk Tour on Saturday, February 18th. Joining Blake for his stop in St. Paul is country breakthrough artist Jackson Dean. We've got tickets for you to win before you can buy them. Here's how the contest will work.

Remember Blake Shelton's hit song 'Austin' that was a huge reason he got to where he is today? If not, let me refresh you.

The song is about a woman that left her man to leave and clear her head. She left without a number. He figured she'd gone back to Austin. A year later she decides to call him back and she gets his answering machine. At the end of his recorded message he says "if this is Austin, I still love you." How sweet. The song still is one of Blake's best.

"If This Is Duluth, We Still Love You"

So, Lauren and I put our heads together to come up with a fun contest, and we decided we would go with a somewhat similar premise.

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Here's how the contest works.

Each morning from 9/19-9/23, we'll take caller 15 at 7:15 AM during the Breakfast Club With Ken & Lauren. Caller 15 then has to stay on the line with us while we dial up who they are planning on taking with them to the concert if they win. If that person answers the phone, you're a winner! You'll get two tickets to go to the show. It's fitting too as it's just after Valentine's Day. How sweet!

I'm single, can I bring a friend?

What about if you don't have a special someone in your life? Well, that's too bad, but you can call a friend or whoever you would want to take. You'll just have to sing to whoever you call that "If this is [insert town name they are from] I still love you!" That's it, simple enough.

What if they don't answer your call?

We'll give you a chance to leave a voicemail message. If they get the message and call us back in 105 seconds, you'll still win. It's a good idea to figure out who you're going to call and give them a heads-up.

If we can't get a hold of them, and they don't call us back, we'll have to go to the next caller. Sorry, but that's the rule!

Tickets then will be transferred to the winner via Ticketmaster. We hope you'll bring the person that you called with you since they helped you win, but we do understand if something comes up with schedules and they can't go. You'll still have the tickets and you can do what you want with them.

So, plan ahead with a friend, and be sure to be listening at 7:15 AM next week for your chance to win!

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