We've all done it.  Watched the police car drive slowly past our house and stop down the street.  Suddenly, you feel the need to water the lawn for the second time today.  JUST so you can be outside to find out WHAT'S GOING ON?????  No need to water the lawn in March with the new crime map available.  You'll soon learn how safe your neighborhood is.


I learned about this from the Cloquet Police Department, but crime mapping is available for virtually every neighborhood in the US, based on your local police department.

The service is free with the hopes that by sharing the information it will incerase public awareness of what's happening in their neighborhoods.  This would then help law enforcement solve crimes with more eyes "on watch".  It's not a new idea, but it's a good idea that communities come together to help keep each other safe.

CrimeMapping.com is a free website available to the public that utilizes a ESRI’s advanced mapping engine.  I checked my neighborhood out and was relieved to find a couple of domestic assaults and one car theft.  I thought it was so much worse than that.

You will also find mobile apps available for your smartphone and can sign up for free email alerts.

Ken noticed that Superior/Douglas County was not included in the map above.

Stay Safe!


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