We recently spent 4 days experiencing everything that Disney had to offer at Disney World in Orlando.  We went to each of the 4 parks, and we averaged out our steps to come up with a number for how much walking you actually do.  The number is pretty surprising.

The first full day we went to The Magic Kingdom.  This is the busiest park and we could have easily made two days out of it.  At the end of day one, we racked up over 20,000 steps.  That's the most I've done in one day that I can remember.

monday 20th

The next day was Disney's Hollywood Studios.  This was probably my favorite of the parks, and we arrived around 9 am and didn't leave until about 6 in the evening.  It was a pretty full day, but considerably less walking.  We watched a few shows and had more time resting.

tuesday 21st

Wednesday we went to Epcot, and this was another long day with lots of walking.  It wasn't too crowded even on a busy time of the year.  It's a good thing we walked off so many calories after enjoying our beers, ciders, and wines around the world at the 11 different countries.

wed 22nd

And finally we finished our tour of Disney with a trip to The Animal Kingdom.  This place was a lot of fun too, and we did some back tracking throughout the day.  Pandora was so crammed with people it was hard to get around.  Our feet were starting to hurt a little after being on them for 4 straight days, but we still got a lot of steps in.

thur 23rd

So let's do the math.  If you add up all of the data we walked a total of 66,040 steps in 4 days.  That's approximately 25 miles.  Some members of our group go to Disney each year and they said that it usually adds up to somewhere between 20-30 miles that they walk in those 4 days.   Make sure you have some comfortable shoes!

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