Did you know that in both Duluth and Superior there are specific requirements for removing snow from your property? How much time do you actually have, and what happens if you don't do it? I dug (or shoveled) a little deeper to find out exactly what it is.

In both cities, the clock starts running after the most recent snowfall. Superior residents have a little bit longer than Duluth residents, according to both cities' snow removal ordinances.

Duluth Snow Removal Ordinance

In Duluth, the ordinance gives you 24 hours from the end of a snowfall. The specific language reads as follows:

Per City ordinance, property owners are required to clear any snow and ice on sidewalks abutting their property so that sidewalks are accessible for everyone to use during the winter months. Property owners who don’t clear their sidewalks are at risk of property tax assessments for noncompliance.

Snow removal requirements also tell you to pile snow into your yard, it is illegal to put it on the street or alley. Corner property owners need to clear curb cuts at corners and crosswalks to the street gutter. All sidewalks on all sides of your property should be shoveled. It also specifies that you need to shovel the entire width of the sidewalk.

Shoeprints in snow

If snow starts to accumulate once again, the 24-hour window is restarted after the snow once again ends.

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City Of Superior Snow Removal Ordinance

Property owners in the City of Superior have 48 hours to remove any snow and ice from sidewalks.

Superior Municipal Code, Sec. 106-10 requires property owners in the City of Superior to have all snow and ice removed from public sidewalks and curb ramps abutting and adjacent to their property no later than 48 hours after snow or freezing rain has stopped falling.


What happens if you don't remove your snow on time?

In both Duluth and Superior, the city may hire a snow removal company to clear your property. The cost of the removal will be charged to the property owner. Superior also charges an administration fee. In Duluth, if the problem persists they may issue a tax assessment for your property.

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