A tree clearing project on portions of Highway 61 north of Duluth will affect drivers who travel along the North Shore.  Officials with the Minnesota Department of Transportation are reporting their plans to start the work on Monday, March 7.

The tree clearing is tied in with the advance prep work being done near Stewart River; this summer the state agency has plans to begin construction on the Stewart River Bridge and the trees need to be removed.


Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

Road crews will begin the tree clearing near Betty's Pies and will work their way towards the Highway 61 and Highway 3 intersection. According to the Minnesota Department of Transportation, drivers should anticipate encountering "temporary, daily shoulder closures".

Drivers are urged to slow down, be observant, and follow any posted signs.

As of right now, the timeline for the tree clearing work has it lasting approximately a week and half.  That would bring the anticipated end date for the project to March 16.  However, MNDOT offered that the "work and timeline are weather dependent".

For additional details about this particular step of the road project or to get complete information about the Stewart River Bridge work that's scheduled for this summer, visit the Minnesota Department of Transportation website.  The agency has a project page dedicated to the Stewart River Bridge.  Additionally, you'll also find information about all of the road construction work that's both scheduled and coordinated by MNDOT. They also provide real time traffic related information - including an interactive map that allows you to drill down on specific areas of the district and the state.

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