A year-long road construction project along the North Shore is getting ready to start.  Officials with the Minnesota Department of Transportation are alerting the general public that construction at Silver Creek on Highway 61 near Two Harbors will get underway on Wednesday, September 15.

According to details released by MNDOT, work crews will be on site to start construction of the bridge that crosses Silver Creek on Highway 61 just north of Two Harbors.  Work this fall will include the initial prep work needed to get the site ready for the majority of the work necessary.

The early part of the road project will include the construction of a temporary bypass at Silver Creek, associated with the earth retention system and a surcharge for the bridge. During this part of the work, traffic will be shifted over on Highway 61 until the temporary bypass is completed.  Once complete, traffic will be placed on the temporary bypass through Fall 2022. Drivers who use this route should expect intermittent flagging, which will be restricted to Mondays through Thursdays only.  MNDOT suggests that all work being performed this fall will be limited to the Silver Creek area.

After the winter break, road work will restart again in 2022.  At the present time, the timelines issued by the Minnesota Department of Transportation call for the entire project to be wrapped up at some point in 2023.

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For more details about this specific road construction project or any of the work coordinated by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, click here.  MNDOT's official website also includes a wealth of data and information about things like real-time traffic.

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