The public will get an update on the Highway 23/Mission Creek Bridge project on Thursday, July 15.  Officials with the Minnesota Department of Transportation will provide a virtual public meeting session starting at 3:00 PM.

Road work on Highway 23/Mission Creek Bridge in the Fond Du Lac neighborhood is back in motion after a pause that lasted a few years.  Back in May 2017, MNDOT was working on a project to replace the Highway 23 Bridge over Mission Creek to allow for a larger waterway.  Due to the disturbance of a Native American burial site in June of that year, the bridge replacement project was placed on hold.  To find a solution for the situation, MNDOT worked in collaboration with the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, Minnesota Indian Affairs Council, and the Office of the State Archeologist,  With that collaboration, the Minnesota Department of Transportation was able to help respectfully complete burial recovery and restore the cemetary site.  In November 2019, processed soils were returned to the cemetery area and the central slope was stabilized.  Work to complete soil screening and restore the cemetery landscape is ongoing.

Meanwhile, MNDOT contracted with landscape architect Urban Ecosystems to develop a final plan and design for restoring the site.  Restoration efforts started this past spring.  Traffic is restricted to two-lane, two-way sharing on the eastbound side of Hwy 23 and will stay in this configuration until restoration efforts have been completed. A dynamic warning sign is in place and the speed limit has been reduced to 30 mph.

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To attend the meeting, click here to get the link.  Those without internet access can also join by calling 855-282-6330 and enter access code "187 033 6698".

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