A short-term, day-long repair project will close a busy off-ramp along the I-35 corridor on Monday, May 10.  Officials with the Minnesota Department of Transportation are alerting the general public about the closure of the Highway 23-Grand Avenue off-ramp from southbound I-35 on May 10 - from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM.

The closure is needed to make repairs to the guardrails that line that ramp.  A signed detour will be in place.  According to the Minnesota Department of Transportation, drivers who would normally take that off-ramp from I-35 to West Duluth will be detoured to exit at the Boundary Avenue exit, and return to Highway 23 and Grand Avenue via the I-35 northbound off-ramp.

While the Minnesota Department of Transportation fully expects that the work will be completed within the scheduled time on the scheduled date, sometimes situations outside of their control spring up; whether they're weather related or project-related, those unforeseen situations can cause delays.  MNDOT is alerting the general public that "more than one day of closure may be needed" in order to complete the repairs.

As with any road construction project, the Minnesota Department of Transportation reminds drivers to exercise caution.  Slow down.  Be observant.  And obey the posted speed limits and signs.

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To get more details about this scheduled road work or any of the road construction projects coordinated by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, visit their online portal. That's where you'll find a wealth of information specific to each project and also about state-wide road work in general.

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