Who doesn't love Netflix?

The streaming service was as popular as ever in 2018 with new original content and anything but a shortage of things to binge watch late into the night.

Online website Highspeedinternet.com did some research to find out just what residents of every different state consumed the most and there was a lot of fun facts to learn from this study.

So which shows did we obsess over in Minnesota and Wisconsin? The same one, apparently. Making A Murderer was our most watched show. This isn't a huge surprise, considering the show is based in Wisconsin. (Last year, we also loved the same show - American Vandal.)

Here are some other fun facts I learned:

  • America's very favorite show is 13 Reasons Why. It claimed the top spot in seven different states including Illinois, Rhode Island and Ohio.
  • Daredevil, Orange Is The New Black and Stranger Things round out the top 5.
  • Only four states have the same favorite show as they did last year. (That's commitment.)
  • New Mexico had a tie for its favorite show: Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. This isn't a shocker considering the two are filmed there.
  • Washington, D.C. has a 16 way tie. Yes, you read that right. The shows they favor include American Vandal, The Crown, The Good Place and Maniac.
  • Despite Daredevil being one of the most popular shows in the country last year, it was cancelled at the end of 2018.

I guess we all have a few more shows to add to our watch list! In the meantime, don't fall for this Netflix scam.

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