Sellers Auction in Superior has a fun auction coming up this Saturday. Have you ever wondered what happened to all of those products from The Last Place On Earth when the store was closed? They went into storage for years, but now they have resurfaced and are going up for bid this Saturday Night.

Mickey & Christina Greene who own Seller's Auction in Superior were approached to liquidate the business products. It's a first for Mickey auctioning off some of this stuff, but as he says, we got a job we're hired to do, and we're going to do it.

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Some of the stuff is really cool for collectors. There's a ton of vinyl, t-shirts, and other things you can see below. Some of the stuff also may make you blush. Warning, there are some of those things towards the end of this article.

They had the police department go through all the items to make sure nothing being sold is illegal. Don't worry, there are no synthetic drugs at this auction or bath salts of any kind.

Check out the list! If you are interested, the auction takes place Saturday January 8 at 5pm at Sellers Auction in the Belknap Plaza in Superior.

Items You Can Bid On At Last Place On Earth Auction

The Last Place on Earth was a business that was in Duluth for decades. It closed nearly a decade ago and the contents of that store were put into storage. Now they are being auctioned off. There are lots of things for collectors, and there are also a lot of "different" things up for auction.

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