The more you know! Website has compiled a list of the most used slang word and phrase in every single state.

I got a great laugh looking at each slang phrase for all the different states. It is fun to see how verbiage changes by state.

So what is the most used slang word or phrase used in Minnesota? No surprise here: oh for! If you live in Minnesota, you have definitely heard this phrase often and probably even used it yourself.

What exactly does it mean? The site describes it this way:

When you say oh for in Minnesota, you can follow it up with a veritable number of words, ranging from cute to sure. Just make sure that whatever you use is positive, seeing as this phrase is meant to show excitement or delight.


Ha!! I don't personally use it but I have heard it quite a bit. So what about Wisconsin? Apparently, the most used slang term or phrase there is cripes. I have never really heard of this phrase before. Here is how the website defines it:

When you yell cripes in Wisconsin, you’re letting people know that you’re surprised or confused.


I am definitely incorporating this one into my vocabulary! Other honorable mentions in terms of slang words or phrases: red beer in Nebraska, awful awful in Rhode Island and pert near in South Dakota. Too fun!

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