'Best Christmas Ever' is a movement that began a few years ago that aims to help a family who has had significant hardships by providing them with the 'Best Christmas Ever.'  Local businesses get together and raise money and then go shopping for gifts that would be on these families' wish lists and then surprise them on Christmas Day.

The families that have been nominated have been through some hard times at no fault of their own.  One particular family that has been chosen this year has had some serious medical problems affecting everyone in the family.  With mounting medical expenses and several tragedies, the aim is to provide this family with three teenagers the 'Best Christmas Ever.'  I'd love to share more information about them, but I don't want to ruin the surprise of who it is!

There are many other families that have also been chosen and you can visit their giving tree locations as well.

Watch this short video that explains the 'Best Christmas Ever' movement.