Tracy Johnson believes she witnessed a heroin overdose at a parking lot in Billings Park, Superior.  From what she describes, it's believable that it was taking place.  It's also sadly not a surprise as heroin is killing so many people.  It's a terrible problem across the country and even right here in the Twin Ports.

Tracy share a Facebook post about what she witnessed at the Billings Park boat launch parking lot, and urges the rest of the community to stand up and act.  It's been shared nearly 400 times already, and it spreads a strong message I think we should all listen to.

I agree with Tracy.  If you see something, say something.  The heroin is out of control, and I have found heroin needles in parks that my children play in.  It's time to take back our community, and it is going to take the entire community to step in.


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