I only got into eating sushi a few years ago and I can say I wish I had tried it sooner.  Regardless, I now will make a point to at least try it at most restaurants.  Now, I'm no expert on sushi by any means, I'm just a guy that knows how to eat.

Sam's Club in Hermantown was recently remodeled, a process that seemed to take forever.  Part of their new setup is a what they call their "full-service fresh area".  It's like a cross between a butcher shop and a sushi bar.  They have chefs on site making the sushi rolls right in front of you, they also feature premium beef cuts, shrimp, and fish.

Just looking at the display, I could tell it wasn't any gas station type sushi.  I grabbed a few different rolls that had been made that day and went home to try Sam's Club sushi.  I was very pleased with it and would put it up against some that I have had at our local Twin Ports sushi hot spots.  If you haven't yet, give sushi from Sam's Club a try.  Two thumbs up from this jock.

Where is your favorite place to get sushi?

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