Re-incarnation is a hard theory to swallow. Can your soul really jump from body to body and move through time. Some say the soul learns from all of the lives it has. I've heard some really good theories through my life, being that I get in to the paranormal stuff.

One theory, in order to make it to heaven, each soul must learn lessons as a person, animal, tree, etc. Those lessons help them to become complete and teach others lessons.

Another theory. this is Purgatory. A state that the Catholic Church believe you go to for purification. This theory is that you keep coming back in order to purify yourself. Learn the lessons you need to learn to make the step to Heaven.

Third theory I have heard, a soul has many lives in order to be whole and become a guardian over other souls later. This theory states that people have to learn how to handle situations before it can guide someone else.

Whatever the thinking is, this kid is amazing.