I went down to the Twin Cities area for an early Christmas with my girlfriend's family this past weekend.  Leading up to it, we were told there would be a big surprise for when we came down.

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It's always a good time when we go to visit for the holidays anyway, and we had no clue as to what she had planned to surprise us with.  We were told to be ready at 7:30PM on Saturday, to leave the house.  At exactly that time, a limo van pulled up out front.  I still didn't know at that point that we were being taken to The GLOW Holiday Festival, on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

I hadn't even heard about it, and with my roadie in hand and champagne being poured, we started our journey there.  It sure was nice not having to do any of the driving, even though the limo windows had a hard time staying defrosted.  We made it work though clearing the windows and seeing the massive effort put forth to light up the fairgrounds.

There are many display areas, carolers along the route, and even a massive Prince tribute display.  They also had various people handing out goody bags, candy canes, and other sweet treats.  To top it all off, instead of just driving off when it's over, you can get in line to purchase some State Fair food staples.  There were cheese curds, cookies, Pronto Pups, and more.  It's for sure a cool event to check out if you are going to be down that way anytime soon.  Please note that this is a drive-thru type event and you can get more information on The GLOW Holiday Festival, or purchase tickets, HERE.

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