When I saw the pictures of the ship, it brought back memories of other shipwrecks I've seen. I wondered how it resembled the ship that is in Pearl Harbor. So I looked it up and found a great article.

While the rest of the world ponders how the massive Costa Concordia cruise ship could have been steered into shallow, rocky water by a seemingly experienced captain, the vessel itself remains lodged just off shore near the Italian island of Giglio. And while there has been no shortage of photos of the ship snapped from land, the satellite gurus at DigitalGlobe decided to see what the wreck looks like from the reaches of space.

The photo above was snapped with one of the company's two WorldView satellites — both of which offer amazing close-up shots of our planet. The amazing image shows the Concordia lying listlessly on its side like a beached whale, with smaller ships dotting the perimeter. It's a surreal sight, and remembering that the wreck has already claimed at least 11 lives gives it an even more somber tone.


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