It’s hard to believe that Harrison Ford has never seen any of the ‘Indiana Jones’ movies. And yet, here he is recently watching the original trilogy in wide-eyed wonder. (Apparently, even Indy himself wants to pretend that ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’ never happened.)

But as many YouTube commenters have pointed out, something seems fishy about this video.

Ford can barely contain himself as he watches the films. At one point, he even exclaims, “Incredible! The action just keeps on coming.” Could it be that Harrison Ford is finally catching up to the rest of us?

Nope. The video is a parody that mashes up scenes from the ‘Indiana Jones’ movies with the viral video where Harrison Ford watches gameplay from ‘Uncharted 3.’

Watch below to see the clever ruse. Now, ‘Sabrina.’ That’s one Ford has probably never sat through.

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