Earlier this week, the Minnesota House passed a bill that would make holding a cellphone while driving illegal.  A similar law already exists which bans texting while driving.

According to TwinCities.com:

The bill — which passed by a 106-21 vote — would set petty misdemeanor charges and a $50 fine for drivers found using their phones without using a hands-free or one-touch setting. Use of a phone for emergency communication would be exempt under the proposal.

Those opposed to the law believe it could target those with lower incomes who cannot afford vehicles that offer hands-free cellphone capabilities.  However, you can buy mounting brackets for under $10 that would allow drivers to utilize the one-touch settings this new bill allows.

Personally, I think both the texting law and this new proposed law are necessary as distracted driving is something I see all too often.  From running outside and watching cars to observing others while driving, I don't think a single day goes by where I don't see someone looking at the their phones while they fly down the road.

I would even double the fines or have the fine double if ticketed a second time within a calendar year of first offense.  I would then propose a license suspension for a third offense within a calendar year of the first offense.

Enough is enough.




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