I realize my first three scary movie recommendations were for older movies and I think that is for two reasons.  First, I saw those movies when I was young and easier to scare.  Second, it is hard to make a good creepy movie and I never got into the torture type movies that became so popular in recent years, like 'Hostel'.  That is not to say that I haven't enjoyed any scary movies recently.  Take 'Drag Me To Hell' as a prime example.

This movie is directed by Sam Raimi.  He is best known for directing the Tobey Maguire Spiderman movies, but he also loves to direct crazy horror movies such as 'The Evil Dead' films.  This is his return to frantic horror form.  It centers around a young bank officer looking to show she can play tough with customers so she can move up the corporate ladder.  She does this by denying an old lady a load.  Big mistake!  The woman she denies is an evil gypsy who is then out for revenge.   With Sam Raimi you get equal parts thrills and uneasy laughs.  His are fun movies to watch because they don't take themselves too seriously.  Enjoy 'Drag Me To Hell', especially the seance scene!