Many of us have some fond memories of Grandma's Sports Garden, whether it was during your college years, costume contests on Halloween, The Polar Plunge or just a fun night out with friends. The Sports Garden was the very first place my new co-workers brought me to when I first came into town, but those days are gone now.

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With the pandemic having closed down the establishment for pretty much of this last year, they have decided to completely change up the building. President Brian Daugherty said:

We are clearing out the clutter at The Garden in preparation to offer it as a fun, funky, non-traditional space to rent for special events, in the heart of Canal Park. Think weddings, parties, reunions, maybe even our own 45th anniversary party!

Back in November, the Sports Garden dabbled in selling Bentleyville merchandise for the holidays. Due to limitations for the crew from Bentleyville, the Sports Garden stepped up to let the building serve as the shop for their merchandise. Like many businesses the pandemic has caused them to close or re-adjust their business plan and as sad as it seems to think of the Sports Garden as a distant memory it is a great building and set up for any kind of events and being right on the lake does not hurt either.

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