The world is watching, because Grandma's Marathon is one of the biggest events to come back after COVID restrictions.

Grandma's Marathon shared in a press release that after Governor Walz's said restrictions will be lifted in the coming weeks, the door would be opened for some things to be restored for Grandma's Marathon weekend in 2021. One of the biggest restrictions that changed is related to spectators. People can now gather all over the race course and enjoy the marathon. People can also gather at the finish line to take in the finish.

In an interview with Zach Schneider, Grandma's PR and Media Director, he said the finish line will basically look the same. While it will generally look the same, Grandma's Marathon said they have a plan so there won't be too many people in certain areas, which will make it easy to get around and it will be respectful to people that still want to wear a mask and distance.

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Zach said there is one big thing that will change, and won't change. The Big Top will still not be put up in the parking lot. It will still be used for runners bags and such, just as was planned before restrictions were lifted. What is changing is that there will be music and post-race celebration on June 19th, which will will move to Bayfront Park. Music starting at 8 am and going until 10 pm, with music entertainment all day for free. The acts have yet to be announced.

This is a good plan, in my opinion. It will move traffic and people from clogging up Canal Park and the area to over in Bayfront Park. There will be more room for people to gather and for those that want to distance, there will be room to do that too. I am excited for the weekend and this will be the biggest thing to come back.

Other things that will change include that there will be more people allowed to be in the DECC for the Essentia Health Expo and for the Michelina's Spaghetti Dinner. This will return to normal, so people can enjoy themselves as in years past.

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