The 2024 Grandma's Marathon races are barely in the rearview but runners and Duluthians alike are already counting down until next year.

It is one of the best weekends in Duluth and this round of races was no different. Despite some rain, spectators took to the streets to cheer and runners hit the pavement. Volunteers also deserve a big round of applause.

See You Next Year

Now, just a few short days since the big weekend of races, we have an official date for Grandma's Marathon weekend in 2025!

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See You In June!

The Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon and the full Grandma's Marathon race will take place on Saturday, June 21st. Don't hang up those running shoes just yet.

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Registration for the races typically opens in October and this year is no different. Registration will open on Tuesday, October 1st.

Even if you aren't a runner, there is something for everyone during Grandma's Marathon weekend. There's a 5K race the Friday night before the half and full marathon that takes you throughout some of the best tourist destinations in Canal Park.

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There is also an all-you-can-eat spaghetti dinner, expo with running related gear and accessories and so many other amazing activities. You can also spectate, which is so fun, or volunteer and help the race run smoothly.

Grandma's Marathon weekend really is unlike any other event in Duluth! it's fun no matter how you take part.

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