Homes hit the market every single day and some grab your attention for being big and others for being beautiful. Some have unique features (like a LEGO-themed home in Wisconsin, recently) and others have a history unlike any other. That is the case with this home I came across recently.

I saw this listing on Zillow and from the outside, it didn't really catch my eye for any one reason. However, when I started to read the story behind the house, I quickly started scrolling through the photos.

This home is in Grand Marais, by the way. The Zillow listing says it is one-and-a-half million bucks with over six-thousand square feet to work with. It has four bedrooms and five bathrooms. The cool part? It was once a bar and restaurant, which is evident when you start looking through the photos.

It was once home to the City Limits Restaurant and Bar, which means this spot has major parking, a massive kitchen, a ton of living spaces and even an apple orchard on site. It could be used for a business or your own unique home with a twist.

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Take a tour inside this former restaurant and bar turned into unique home, located in one of the most beautiful parts of the Northland at 1315 E Highway 61.

Former Restaurant-Turned-Home On The Market In Grand Marais

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