Minnesota Governor Tim Walz announced today that he will call a special session of the Minnesota Legislature to address pressing issues.

The special session will be focused on police accountability and reform, and building a stronger and more equitable economy according to the Governor.

The special legislative session will start on June 12th and Walz says, "Minnesota is at a turning point. This is our chance to take strong action to combat persistent structural inequities, pass substantive police reform, and build a stronger economy,” said Governor Walz. “I look forward to working with the legislature to seize this moment and build a brighter future for Minnesotans.”

In a press release regarding the announcement, Walz says he supports the recommendations on police reform and accountability that will be introduced by the Minnesota People of Color and Indigenous (POCI) Caucus and the Attorney General’s Police-Involved Deadly Force Encounters Working Group.

Some of those recommendations include funding for alternatives to policing, more oversight, training reform, and use of force reform.

To address the "more equitable economy" part of the session Walz wants his bonding bill passed, the Local Jobs and Projects Plan, and more assistance for businesses that were affected by the rioting and looting in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Walz is also extending the COVID-19 peacetime emergency by another 30 days to make sure the state can continue to quickly and effectively respond to the pandemic.

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