Gordy's Hi-Hat has some big news and it is a good sign that normalcy is right around the corner after the COVID-19 pandemic!

The famous restaurant announced the big news on their Facebook page Thursday (June 17). So what is it? They are officially offering indoor service again! This means you can get out of your car and order inside just like we used to do.

The news comes with a catch: they have decided to axe their carhop and curbside service. According to their post, they aren't able to offer both and still give customers the best service possible.

It may feel a little strange to order inside the restaurant as that hasn't been an option for awhile now. Back in 2020, as the pandemic was in full swing, Gordy's Hi-Hat announced the curbside service option after a slightly delayed opening.

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They also implemented the curbside service at the beginning of the season this year. They opened in late March of this year and while things were starting to get better, they still offered the option to be safe.

I think we have all gotten a little too used to ordering from our cars. I know I have! It will be nice to be able to order inside, sit and eat and take it all in again.

As for what else Gordy's Hi-Hat has been up to, they were just featured on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives for the second time! They were featured on an episode at the end of May. Do not watch the episode unless you are prepared to make the drive to Gordy's because you will be drooling.

Gordy's Hi-Hat is also only open seasonally, usually closing around September.

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